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As always, our firm strives to make it easier for you to plan your tax strategies and save money. In this year's tax guide, we offer many tips to help you keep pace with the latest tax reform.

Some of the best tax incentives are temporary, so it is important to understand how long certain opportunities will be available, such as the
tax credits for fuel-efficient cars and lower tax rates for investors. We review all of the key dates for the best savings, offering a variety of strategies to help you lower your tax bill.

In addition to covering tax-efficient planning for both the short and long term, we highlight important reform making an impact this year, which includes the following:

  • The reinstatement of the higher education tuition deduction
  • The continuation of the deduction for state and local sales taxes
  • New opportunities for Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)
  • The extension of Section 179 expensing
  • The renewal of valuable business tax credits

We encourage you to review this tax guide by clicking here and call us with any questions. Our firm is committed to helping you through the tax planning process from start to finish, year after year. We hope you will use our resources to maximize your tax savings.