If you are a fisherman (either for real or at heart!) then we have a hook for you!

Two of the fishermen at BNKJ – specifically Chris Clayton and Kevin Hendren – have created a blog about everything fishing related! There is information about recent fishing trips, many, many fish tales and photos, fish songs and books we like, and even some “fish wisdom” to inspire you.

The blog has been named the BNKJ Angler and we invite you to visit it regularly at http://bnkjangler.blogspot.com/, and add your comments and photos/notes from your own fishing trips! If you like it, tell your fellow fishermen so they can join the fun and exchange information.

Opinions expressed in the BNKJ Angler are not necessarily opinions shared by the partners or employees at the accounting firm of Babush, Neiman, Kornman & Johnson, LLP. Some of them do not fish and others do not even eat fish.